Sheet Metal Fabrication

Pathfinder started mainly as a sheet metal shop and gradually added machining as time went on. Our main sheet metal personnel have a combined experience time of over 80 years. This is a huge benefit to you, our customer, when new items are proposed, as there is a good chance that we have produced similar items. Our experience is also valuable when finding better and faster ways of producing existing items.

With the client base that Pathfinder has had over the years, we have become considerably skilled at holding tight tolerances with our precision sheet metal work.  We have the latest in CNC controlled punching machines and press brakes.  This, along with our highly skilled personnel, give us the ability to maintain the high level of workmanship that we’ve become so proficient in.

If you can draw it, chances are excellent we can make it. Here at Pathfinder we’ve had a diverse assortment of clientele, from the man-off-the-street to fortune 500 companies.  We’re confident that we can satisfy the needs of a wide variety of customers.  We can do anything from one-offs to production runs of hundreds of pieces.  We are only limited by the physical size of the part itself.  Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have. 

Pathfinder Industries, Inc., 117 North 3rd Street, Fulton, NY 13069 Phone 315-593-2483

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