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Laser Cutting

Since acquiring our first NC Laser in 2004, our laser cutting department has proven to be a valuable asset.  This technology gives us the ability to cut a wide variety of parts and is especially useful when the part has detailed contours.  When completed, the parts remain flat and are practically burr free.  This is a considerable advantage when working with stainless steel.


In the years since the purchase of that first machine, we’ve become considerably proficient with our NC Laser.  Our head operator has many years  of experience with the operation of laser cutters.  That, in combination with our head programmer (who also has numerous years of experience) can produce a high quality product at a competitive price for our customers.  We can make anything from tooling to precision parts for military suppliers.  The possibilities are nearly endless.

Send us your items to quote, even if they had previously been punched, we think that you will be surprised at our prices and the quality of Laser cut parts.